About clickNsettle

clickNsettle (cNs), powered by powered by National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM), is a simple and expeditious way to resolve claims and disputes valued at $25,000 or less.

clickNsettle is an interactive, digital settlement application which offers disputing parties a means to settle cases in a confidential, quick and inexpensive manner at YOUR convenience and at YOUR computer.  During a pre-scheduled eResolution session, Claimants submit demands reflective of an amount they are willing to accept to settle the case and Respondents submit offers reflective of an amount they are willing to pay to settle a case.  If the Claimant's demand and the Respondent's offer meet the clickNsettle settlement criteria (that is, if the bid amounts are within 30% of each other or if the Respondent's offer exceeds the Claimant's demand), the case will settle for the midpoint between the two bid amounts.  Each party's bids are NEVER disclosed to their adversary.  A dollar figure is ONLY revealed when the case settles and only the settlement amount is shown.

If the case is not settled during the eResolution process, the parties will receive an on-screen notification that a Mediator will be joining the session to virtually assist the parties with the negotiation process.